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     What is the advantage of using maturational (skeletal) age instead
                     of chronologic age in treatment planning?


                Since every individual demonstrates their own unique pattern of
                    development, utilizing maturational rather than chronologic age
                    significantly reduces variability within the data.  It is very common
                    for two or more individuals to demonstrate widely varying patterns
                    of development even though they are of the same chronologic age.

                    The following example demonstrates the same data being
                     oriented both chronologically and maturationally and illustrates 
                     this very important point.  The maturationally organized data
                     demonstrates significantly less variability. 


Kopecki GR, Fishman LS.  Timing of cervical headgear treatment based
                            on skeletal maturation.  AJODO  1993

        selected reference: Fishman, LS  Chronological versus skeletal age: An evaluation of 
                                            cranio-facial growth.  Angle Orthod 1979;49:181-189

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