How can GrowthTek assist you with determining the best timing
                           and methodology of treatment for your patient?

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                Understanding how your patient has grown in the past and how
                your patient will be growing in the future provides the clinician
                with the means to more rationally diagnose and treatment plan. 
                There is no good reason to initiate a form of mechanics that is not
                timed properly to take advantage of the patient's developmental
                profile.  For example, what is the value of initiating head-gear
                treatment on someone who will not be expressing enough mandibular
             When you send your patient's hand-wrist x-ray and optionally
                the cephalometric x-ray, GrowthTek will return to you a
                customized report that demonstrates the developmental profile
                that is unique to your patient.  With this information, you will
                be able to diagnose and treatment plan in a more rational manner.
                Treatment will be more optimally timed, thereby providing the
                patient with a better treatment result in what is usually a shorter
                time period.  Timing treatment in this manner almost always
                decreases the cost of providing your services. 

                GrowthTek evaluates your patient's hand-wrist x-ray in order
                to identify the appropriate skeletal maturity indicator ( SMI )
                that represents the developmental stage of maturation. This 
                information is subsequently compared relative to the chronologic
                age of your patient to establish the maturational level of your 
                patient ( advanced vs. average vs. delayed ).  The combination 
                of these two basic factors establishes the maturational age of 
                your patient.  This data is then related to your patient's gender
                and racial characteristics.  With this information, the unique
                maturational profile of your patient can be established and 
                subsequently related to estimations of future timing of growth,
                incremental growth patterns and estimations of future growth 
                velocity characteristics.
                If you wish to also have knowledge of estimated specific amounts
                of incremental downward and forward growth for the maxilla
                and the mandible, please also send GrowthTek the patient's 
                cephalometric x-ray.  This is optional but GrowthTek will compute
                this information at no additional cost.


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                    Note: Please refer to the other questions in this 'Clinical Applications'
                             section of this web site for specific clinical information regarding
                             maturational timing of treatment.     Also refer to the 'Background
                             Information' section of this web site for additional information.

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