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             The 'Maturational Patient Report' supplied by GrowthTek clearly
                assists and guides the clinician in formulating a well-timed treatment
                plan.  It is very important not to rely on chronologic age in
                determining whether a face-mask appliance (reverse head-gear)
                will benefit the patient.

                The face-mask works best during the very early adolescent period 
                of development or earlier during mid-to-late childhood.  It is 
                theorized that early intervention is best because the maxilla is
                significantly smaller in size and because the mid-palatal suture is
                not completely fused.  The movement of Point A forward is facilitated
                by labial root torque being placed on the upper incisor teeth.

                As you can see on the following charts, significantly more forward 
                maxillary movement is achieved during early adolescence.  The relative
                success of treatment is diminished as adolescence proceeds, with 
                significantly less success during late late adolescence.  In other words,
                success with face-mask therapy is not dependent on maxillary growth



              How is orthodontic face-mask treatment best timed?

                   Note: Please refer to the other questions in this 'Clinical Applications'
                              section of this web site for specific clinical information regarding
                              maturational timing of treatment.     Also refer to the 'Background
                              Information' section of this web site for additional information.

    selected reference: Glaluser J, Fishman, LS. Timing of face-mask treatment
                                  based on skeletal maturation (senior research). Rochester,
                                  NY: Eastman Dental Center, 1995.

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