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                   All of the following information is automatically integrated within GrowthTek's patient reports.  Complete a patient information order form and send GrowthTek your patient's hand-wrist x-ray and optionally the cephalometric x-ray to get important treatment timing information sent back to you.

The following questions and answers will assist you in understanding maturational theory as it relates to more rational timing of treatment.  Every growing individual demonstrates very unique patterns of development.  Rational diagnosis and treatment planning requires an understanding of future timing and                  amounts of expected growth if the best treatment result is to be achieved within the most effective period of time.

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       What is the advantage of using maturational (skeletal) age instead
              of chronologic age in treatment planning?






How is maturational age defined and determined using the
             System of Skeletal Maturation Assessment ( SMA )?


  Why is it essential to describe maturational age in terms of
                    both maturational stage and maturational level?


  What are the sex differences between chronologic age and 
                    maturational age?      










How is growth velocity affected by variations in maturational

                          How is the timing of future maxillary and mandibular growth 
                                  related to maturational age?

 How is growth velocity affected by variations in maturational 
  How can GrowthTek assist you with the evaluation of a patient's
     unique developmental profile?


   Sample Report Background Clinical applications Contact GrowthTek
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