More effectively time treatment to your patient's unique growth patterns!   Better treatment results in less time!   Understand how much the face is going to grow in the future and when will this growth occur!  When will growth be completed?  

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    This web site serves dual purposes.  Clinically it will demonstrate to you
     how you can acquire growth information that applies specifically to your
     patient so treatment can be more rationally timed.  Academically, basic
     information is provided for the purpose of understanding principles
     related to maturational development, assessment, growth prediction, etc.







    Over twenty-five years of research has resulted in a new and 
     sophisticated system of using hand-wrist x-rays to identify the unique 
     maturational characteristics of your patient.  Diagnosis and treatment 
     planning for all your patients can now incorporate a more rational 
     approach to proper and more accurate growth timing.


Finally a more reliable means of timing facial growth for orthodontic and surgical treatment planning.

          Take a hand-wrist x-ray using a standard 
                   cephalometric cassette
                  Position the hand diagonally to also expose the wrist
                Minimal exposure - protect back from radiation

Optionally, also take a cephalometric x-ray
The amounts of future maxillary and mandibular growth can be estimated
                   (there is no additional charge for these skeletal estimations)

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Sample Report Background Clinical applications Contact GrowthTek
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